service anywhere

Do not miss anything

Be notified by various channels, anytime, anywhere. Any notification can be triggered by any event.

automate your shifts, schedules, planning, VISITS

Do not spend your time with your common daily, weekly activities and tasks. Let us help you to simplify it for you.

ENgage your customers

Your customers will not miss regular events, visits, checks and revisions anymore.

save your money and have all under your control

Reporting, statistics, is a matter of course. You can also check how much you save with Service Anywhere.

Choose the perfect plan


I want to contact all my clients.


Per month

  • 100 clients
  • 24/7 in service


I want an automatic secretary.


Per month

  • 100 incoming calls
  • 24/7 in service


I want to manage all my team.


Per month

  • 100 incoming calls
  • 20 people in your team

Frequently asked questions

Service Anywhere app has a wide usage. You can use it in IT, private offices, doctor’s offices, lawyer’s areas, at your home, at your business. If you have phone, e-mail, any Internet connection, then basically anywhere – all around the world.  It is ready to use 24/7. 

It depends on your requirements. It depends on your needs. Service Anywhere is here to satisfy your customers, to work efficiently with your customers, to save time to you and your employees. Our plans start from 19 USD monthly. Please contact us – link.

We offer various tariffs and plans. So we can find together the best suitable solution for you. It means all the users should be able to use the service based on their needs. We are focused on security indeed and therefore you are able to define proper rights for the defined users.

Yes, you just need finish your current paid period. If you will not order another period of our service then the service ends automatically and you will be not charged anymore.

Definitely. It depends on your tariff and plan. You don’t need to buy any additional hardware or software.

Our app is able to work with or without your software. It depends on your needs and on the final integration.

Our clients say

"I'm impressed about your support. There are knowledgeable, reliable people , who are always helpful. All of your work is timely and accurate."
Simone Souros
"The usage of this application has reduced significantly the error rate of the human factor. Therefore our customers are more happy and trust us more"
Sydney Carter
HR Manager
"The service is dependable, the application is easy to manage. We have saved a lot of money with this SW"
Bill Herald
Operations Manager
"The application has helped mi to organize my time, meetings, appointments and to optiize my time. I don't need to keep it in my mind anymore. Thank's a lot for your kind support!"
Carlos Sanches